Rawcliffe and Clifton Without: Hope & Heroism

Thanks to the generous funding of City of York Council’s Rawcliffe and Clifton Without ward we have worked with residents of the area and watching young people lead creative workshops. The response has been to pool the art of older citizens and young people who have experienced marginalisation. The first instalment is ‘Hope is the New Hero’ from local resident Jake Tubridy (17). Via COVID compliant workshops, Jake has led discussions with younger residents Kelly M, Taylor B, and Logan N to create a brand new superhero, ‘Hope Man’. The group will bring their visuals to older residents in late February to continue to discuss what makes future plans hopeful and memories of the old days and life in the ward so special.

The art has caught the attention of Denmark’s Viborg who have invited the young people of the world to draw what Hope means to them. ‘Hope Man’, created out of conversations and drafts amongst the young artists of the ward, represents Rawcliffe and Clifton Without. Says Jake, “I hope my family are proud and my teachers from Vale of York remember me as an artist who always tried his best.”

Covid won’t last with Creativity such as this.Keep up the Hope, Heat up the Art.

Here it is on Viborg UNESCO Creative City’s social media:


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