Guildhall Ward: Art and Hope

We are delighted to be working with Viborg who have invited the world to sharpen its pencils and together with Denmark draw for children affected by Covid-19 across the world.

We will focus on the children in the world most affected by the Corona crisis. Thanks to the generous funding of City of York Council’s Guildhall Ward we have worked with residents of Guildhall and Marygate based artist Alex Utley. The response has been to pool the art of older citizens and young people who have experienced marginalisation. The first instalment is ‘Hope is the Superhero’. Says The Groves resident Jason K, “What’s been great is the willingness on the part of the young people to listen to their older neighbours! When you pick up a paper, it’s all doom and gloom and we’re constantly told that the young people of today are a lost cause. I’m beginning to question that. The kids of this areas are really cool and are willing to learn, whether it’s from Youtube guidance or a Zoom meeting or one of my socially distanced camera demonstrations. The artwork really shows that. Alex has been hugely inspirational with his leadership on that, and it’s exciting to think we can work with organisations based in the ward on forthcoming exhibitions that reach hundreds of people.”

Covid won’t last with Creativity and Collaborations such as this.

Keep up the Hope, Heat up the Art.


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