New Visuality

Heworth Without New Perspective

We have recruited young people from Heworth Without (thanks Hempland Primary!) – they have provided art based on having fun in their ward.

Many of the drawings are based on Cricket or sunning it up in Jubilee Wood or Wild Flower Meadow. Many of them focus on friendships.

We are looking for young artists to arrange a socially distant meeting with their neighbours. There are a whole lot of memories hidden in a lot of houses in Heworth Without and, face masks and hand sanitisers to hand, we’re looking forward to witnessing our team of young artists chronicle the precious memories of Heworth Without’s older citizens and design posters, curate exhibitions, and print out Man Sized photo albums.

EVERYONE’S memory matters. ‘New Perspective’ is an opportunity to dovetail the nostalgia of Heworth Without’s older citizens with the digital derring do of its youngest and brightest.

If anyone has links with Heworth Without ward and like to get involved, please contact us on or visit our Facebook page and DM us there:

Hope to talk soon!

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