Grief: Cristina Crespo

Cristina Crespo premiered her album ‘With You to the Theshold’ with a sound installation at the Friargate Theatre, York.

We have met Cristina a few times. Her happening was very well received by attendees, and has caused some ripples on this side of town.

Says Cristina, “It’s an album about bereavement, and it’s emotionally very explicit. That makes it a journey to listen to when you have some time and tranquility (it gets better half way through and it ends in a better place than it starts).”

The launch event received strong praise from the audience who came to the event. “Beautiful, truthful, full of hope and love”; ‘Ethereal, powerful, thought provoking”; “moving, inspiring, painfully beautiful”.


We are proud to know Cristina. Try her album here:

She is dedicated to help those who have experienced grief and those who have that inevitable tsunami coming after surviving her own loss.


Artwork by Charis Raine.

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