Exhibitions at Acomb Explore

Funded by City of York Council’s Acomb Ward, New Visuality’s ‘Art Ambassador’ has been a huge success, engaging with over 40 young people from the West of York.

Last week’s exhibitions of artwork created by the young artists took place at According to McGee gallery, Acomb Explore, and Spark:York.
Charity director Greg McGee is ebullient with the project and its legacy. “The greatest part of the creative explosion was that it was inspired and guided by older children for the benefit of younger children. In that way, the baton has been passed on from teenagers who attend York High, All Saints, Milthorpe to younger children who attend Carr Junior, Westfield Primary, OLQM. The theme was Time Travel, and that in itself inspired a whole new way of looking at Acomb.”
The magazine created by the young ambassadors has been printed and displayed in locations around Acomb such as Acomb Explore, churches, and Chill in the Community Cafe. Greg is especially pleased with the warm welcome extended by Acomb Explore, “They’re a great team. Our young people made weekly visits to strengthen their research and it was with some trepidation that they approached the library staff to ask if they could exhibit their artwork based on the timeline of Acomb.The staff could not have been friendlier, and we even managed to get 9 new young signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge whilst we were there! And the exhibition looks great”
Such is the cross pollinating power of creativity, especially when it’s funded by local wards who care so much for the community. “Ultimately thanks must go to Acomb Ward for funding this and allowing us to reach a larger group of young people than we’d have otherwise reached. There are a lot more creative children in Acomb this summer, and that’s something our local councillors can be proud of”.

One thought on “Exhibitions at Acomb Explore

  1. How fabulous that people are taking time out to care for and give their time to the younger generation.
    I was in the cafe the “chill in the community “ on Front street with my grandson and I couldn’t believe it ! Free groceries for whoever needs them and baby formula !! When paying for my drinks I said to the staff ( very friendly team ) how the whole place was amazing and kind and if your in need go there . I came upon it just Buying some coffees and thought it was great . I’m sure it will be a godsend to some families! Well Done 👍🏾 X


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