In the early summer of 2019 Refugee Action York and Blueberry Academy met at The Melbourne Centre to talk about the Refugee Experience. New Visuality were in attendance ready to harness some visual ideas.

Though many of the experiences of the refugees are unimaginable, a carefully guided discussion generated sensitive and considered ideas built around one proposition: if you HAD to leave home and you could only pack a limited amount of precious items in your luggage, what would they be?

Amongst the necessities and practicalities listed, there stood out one aspect: that it is the memory of love and the continuing presence of love that reminds not only the refugees that they are our human but also us. It was a point creatively captured by the learners and it was an honour to witness and help capture through photography and graphic design both Refugee Action York and Blueberry Academy collaborate on such an energetic art project, exhibited so beautifully at City Screen’s beautiful Sky Lounge.


Greg McGee,

New Visuality

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