Daddyyy AGRV checks Louis Cannizarro

I have been lucky enough to visit Art Galleries all over the globe. I like Art, and have done since I was a child. It’s something that is actually becoming a passion, and more than the trips to the big art galleries and fashion hot spots (Shanghai Gallery of Art, Dover Street Market), it’s my trips to small, independent galleries that has really set my imagination going.

I moved to York, UK in 2018, from Hertfordshire. I didn’t know what to expect. At the moment of writing I am still getting used to the move. I like the views from the bridges. The history is cool. There’s also a art gallery opposite Clifford’s Tower that I ended working with. It’s from here, According to McGee art gallery, that I am writing this blog.

The chosen topic for my first blog is the art that caught my eye at the gallery. Louis Cannizarro has two framed prints exhibited in the front room. Both are collaborations with Horace Panter, Pop Artist. The reasons I like these two pieces, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Starman’

Is, firstly, the colour: it’s nothing too silly or too traditional, the orange accent just catches the eye, adding a new flavour into the art. It’s provocative: what kind of artwork is this? Is it a new genre, or has it got its own name? It’s like it has been influenced by Pop Culture. The orange colour suggests flame, adding an exciting and cinematic heat, but the colour blue suggests water. When I first saw Cannizarro’s prints from a distance they reminded me of a luxury fashion brand “OFF-WHITE, sharing an industrial vibe (Power Station paper, graffiti-esque slogans) but also there are suggestions of calm party. ‘Starman’ is reminiscent of popular videogames series ‘Fallout’. Both works grab the viewer by the brain and provoke. They are a type of ‘retro, techno’ that just made me want to spend time studying it and I just want to… know more about it. Which isn’t bad for contemporary art, is it?


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