Feeling Uninspired in the City

Although being expressive and creating something magic releases possibly the best kind of feeling, it can be hard sometimes to conjure up a perfectly appropriate and unique idea that you can admit to completely loving- and we’ve all felt that desperation. Especially as a young person, being directed to embrace art in a very meticulous, specific way. Lacking in inspiration and comparing your efforts to others, can feel so exhausting to the point that you never want to pick up a paintbrush or open your sketch book again. Believe me, having to complete and scrutinize over four complete exam sketch books full of art throughout the last year, whilst sat next to the most effortlessly talented girl was HARD.
For me, it only takes walking down a little path, through the trees, listening to ripples in the river, to find doses of inspiration. To get to my York. York is simply picturesque, inspiration can be found at every glance. Whether it be the daffodils in spring in their hundreds, blanketing the grassy base of Clifford’s Tower, or the perfection lying in the construction of the enigmatic York Minster – each stone representing years of history. Not to mention the immaculate detail within the famous glass windows. Although portraying a perfect, traditional image, the city also offers splashes of trendy, urban vibes. Spark:York is a unique community project offering a vibrant mix of food, drink, shops, a community theatre, a brewery, art and more. Ultimately presenting opportunities for unique, expressive photography and offering an alternative perspective of the city.


When your surroundings become so familiar, it’s easy to become uninspired and miss the little details. The little details with potential to inspire a new project, a painting, a production.

Living in an area with so much vibrancy and so much to offer, simply taking a stroll through the gardens, visiting the theatre, exploring the markets and collecting random little trinkets CAN spark a unique form of inspiration.

Tilly Lindsell


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