A Blue Plaque for Mary Craven

A fitting tribute to Mary Ann Craven was unveiled on 13th June 2018 at the entrance to York’s Coppergate, and New Visuality were honoured to be invited to help celebrate it. Craven was an inspiration: a Master Sugar Confectioner who established a facory where Cafe Nero currently holds court, the factory was known as Craven’s French Almond Works until 1966, 64 years after her death.

We’ve loved the work of York Civic Trust for years and now we’ve finally made the culturally satisfying plunge to become members. Join us: we can only ensure the good work of this organisation with our support. New Visuality are looking forward to witnessing the projects consolidate and widen, especially those focused on the young artists of our city. The City Enhancement Programme is especially exciting,  preserving, restoring, enhancing, enriching and sustaining the public realm – the streets and open space – of the city of York. That’s healthy stuff, right there. Sustaining the City Beautiful has rarely been done with such focus and a bright eyed sense of generosity.


See you there! #NewVisuality #YorkCivicTrust


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