Inside the artist’s landscape

Oscar Oiwa is no stranger to large – scale artworks, and ‘Drawing the Ephemeral’ is no exception. Influenced by his love of comic book art and inspired by the rich culture of the Brazilian urban environment, he’s created his own imagined world on vinyl surface. The twist? Oiwa drew it inside an inflatable dome, 10m by 7m by 4m.

Oiwa invites the visitors inside the massive inflatable vinyl dome, and that is where the magic begins. The sprawling drawings took 120 marker pens and five assistants to complete in two weeks. They’re intricately drawn, solid yet whimsical and entirely captivating.

The skies are a swirling expanse, elegantly spreading across the curved ceiling. They morph into clouds, which rain upon forests, which neighbour hills and mountains. The almost jerky, rectangular style of the floor and lower level ground is a contrast to the sketchy and billowing clouds above. All of this is lovingly hand-drawn.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing, which I consider the most basic way of expressing myself visually,” says Oiwa. “A pencil and a blank sheet – there is no simpler media than that.” Yet the smorgasbord of shapes, strokes and circles all beautifully tie together to create a piece of art that truly isn’t ‘simple’.

You can’t quite capture the feeling of immersion into Oiwa’s landscape via photos, so go to JAPAN HOUSE to visit it yourself. The installation is in JAPAN HOUSE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, until the 3rd of June, 2018.


–Beth Pritchard


























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