Young Photographer: Louie Wittner painting in pixels and light

Louie Wittner, an aspiring photographer, discusses his influences and aspirations and reveals the inspiration behind his creativity.
1 Who/what are your inspirations?
My main inspiration is Ansel Adams because he uses the golden ratio in landscape photos.  He uses vintage cameras, therefore I like taking black and white photos.  This work brings out expression and feeling and this is what I aspire to do with my work.
2 Why do you think art is important?
It lets you unlock your expressions within a piece of work.  Art can’t be judged, art can’t be right or wrong.  You can make poems within a painting and I can express myself through photos without being judged.
3 Why do you choose photography over other art forms?
Taking photos is reflecting reality and I can twist reality into a mood, just like distortion, however manipulating the viewers feeling.
4 What are your ambitions in art?
I would love to pursue a career in photography, I want to become more confident with portraits and I want to enhance people within landscape shots.
5 What are your preferred subjects and why?
Animals, landscapes, because when I look at these photos I like them the most; they are the most dominant aesthetically and I personally enjoy them more.

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