Young Artist: Rachel Poels delivers the goods.

New Voice Project sits down with young artist Rachel Poels and talk creativity, Magritte, and the increasing importance of Art.
Which artist do you aspire to be like in your work?
I started creating since a young age and I loved it ever since, nobody got me into art however my extended family were into art, like my grandfather.
Which artist do you aspire to be like in your work?
I want to develop my own style, there are a lot of artists I am influenced by, like Becky Cloonan and surreal artist Magritte, however I don’t want to be like anybody.
Why is art important in society nowadays? 
I think art is looking at life through a different lens and shows something about life that isn’t so obvious. It’s something that can be accessed by anyone and can open your eyes to something new.
What are your favourite references and why?
I like drawing people and flowers, I like to distort reality by using real things but not drawing them, like they belong in reality.
What made you choose the style of art you do?
I wanted to express concept and emotion, implicitly and creatively. My style developed naturally from realism but I didn’t didn’t want to obviously represent the real world.

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