Colin Watts: constantly on the cusp of creativity

New Voice Project journalists Louie Wittner and Rachel Poels sat with York born creative Colin Watts and discussed his take on art, inspiration and expression.

Rachel: “Why is art important to you and what do you value about it?”

Colin: “To me, art is the experience of creation. It’s thrilling and exciting, and there has to be a love of creativity involved, other wise you’re in trouble.”

Louie: How long have you been doing art and why did you start?

Colin: “‘I started at the age of four and have never stopped since.  To me, art is the feeling of excitement and passion and I have experienced this since a young age. I started at the age of four and have never stopped since.”

Rachel: “Who or what inspires you and your art?”

Colin: “Two of my biggest inspirations are Van Gogh and David Hockney, however I enjoy a wide range of art forms.”

Louie: “Where do you want to be in the future?”

Colin: ”I want to be as famous as Van Gogh or Hockney in the future but I believe you can’t get anywhere if you don’t try.”

Rachel: “Why do you think art is important to society?”

Colin: ”The experience of art depends on the individual, but to me it is interesting and stimulating and a way to make a boring empty wall more interesting.  It is a basic human need to express yourself.”

Louie: “What is the inspiration for the dollar bills featured in your art?”

Colin: ”The idea was to tell a story about life and winning the lottery. The reason its so colourful is because if you win big money you have a colourful life; for this reason I did the original in glitter, just like how I think you would feel if you won the lottery.”


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