‘New Stories’ for an ancient city include triumph at York Culture Award

After 10 months of art sessions and exhibitions around York funded by The Two Ridings Community Foundation’s programme ‘Arts for Change’, New Visuality’s leading art ambassador Herve Ishimwe Ntwali won at York’s second Culture Awards. ‘Rising Star 2017’ Herve was delighted with his award and paid tribute to his teammates at New Visuality, “We had a great time learning to draw and making 3D prints though a series of games. We also sold the stuff we made in Acomb and in galleries in York. I’m not the only ambassador, so I think the others – Daniel saywell, Jessie Meyer, Jess Crichton, deserve it as much as I do.” New Visuality director Greg McGee points at Herve’s constant attention to detail and generosity of spirit. “He was a real guide for the younger learners, and gave the project his all. He turned up early, stayed late tidying up, and was patient and humorous with a lot of the children, many of whom came from difficult backgrounds.” The award is vindication of the hard work New Visuality has put into augmenting creative experiences with young people of York. “The funding helped us go those extra few miles. Drawing and painting is great, and it’s something we’ll always do, but the extra buzz, the 3D prints and learning to design CAD files in a gaming context, that was something else. Innovation and enterprise helped this project stand out, and there’s no doubt that Herve was a stand out champion.”

‘New Stories’,  funded by The Two Ridings Community Foundation’s programme ‘Arts for Change’, is exhibited at According to McGee gallery, Tower Street, York, until January 20th 2018.


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