UnSeen Colours: Independent Artonauts

York charity New Visuality will hold court in Tower Street, York, Friday and Saturday evening, with a light installation celebrating diverse stories and inspirational characters. Culled from workshops with young people who have experienced difficulties, the projections will feature footage of the young artists as well as the culminating comic strips they worked on with the Arts Council England funded project, ‘UnSeen Colours’. Says charity director Greg McGee, “We’re working with light installation artist Nick Walters, who is bringing new a new immersive interface and cutting edge projectors. He is at the top of his game, fresh from innovation festivals in Reading, and, more recently, citywide installations in Berlin. He brings an international cross pollination to York, and it is a coup for New Visuality to see the work of our young artists filtered through his exacting vision.” The work includes art from young, disadvantaged learners as well as collaborations with professional artists, such as Performance Artists Claire Hind and Gary Winters. “Claire and Gary have rewritten the rule book on Performance Art,” says Greg, “What they do is instantly engaging and as witty as anything in the art world today. The footage of them performing in Cambridge and Boston, USA, over 15 hours, looks stunning projected onto the banks of Clifford’s Tower, here in York.” 

New Visuality have had a busy 2017 creating 3D flowers to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day with young learners with learning difficulties, as well as taking their award winning ‘Art Camp’ sessions into schools around Acomb, Westfield and Holgate. “Economic circumstances should never stifle creativity,” says Greg, “In fact, it can fuel a hungry approach to drawing and painting, designing and coding. Opportunities to exhibit may be a little thin on the ground from time to time, but the building blocks of talent, sensitivity, and a sense of fun are all there. We take great pride with New Visuality ensuring that we connect the art of everyone we work with to as wide an audience as possible.”
UnSeen Colours is the biggest project since ‘Text: Technology, Disability and Art’ won ‘Best Community Event’ at the inaugural York Culture Awards. “That was such a boost and it’s always great to receive recognition from people who appreciate our hard work. What’s great about ‘UnSeen Colours’, or ‘Independent Artonauts’ as we’ve come to call it, is that the brief is wide open. Let’s celebrate independent creativity and just see where it takes us. We are deliberately dovetailing this event with Aesthetica Short Film Festival as the footfall to our gallery is massive. The artists we have as a cohort are of an excellent standard, and we plan to go well beyond workshops and digital, interactive performances. Digital festival ‘Mediale’ is happening next year and who knows what opportunities that will bring?”
For now, if you’re in York, pop along to Tower Street to view the projected art of New Visuality and the ‘Independent Artonauts’, Friday and Saturday evening, 6:30pm to 9:30pm.


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