York Culture Awards 2017: New Visuality and Herve Ishimwe Ntwali

It’s that time of year: a keen edge to each morning, lengthening shadows, and the sound of York Culture Awards 2017 coming’ a-clatterin’ over the mountain.

Last year New Visuality was the proud recipient of ‘Event 2016’, with ‘Text: Technology, Disability, and Art’. This time its our artist and studio teacher Herve Ishimwe Ntwali who  is in the running: we are delighted to see him in a shortlist of 4 for ‘Rising Star’ in York Culture Awards 2017.

Says New Visuality co-director Greg McGee, “Herve is an expert illustrator and animator, and has played a crucial part in New Visuality imparting skills to a wide range of learners, including mainstream children at Art Camp, children from economically deprived families at Creative Camp, and young people with learning difficulties at Art Camp at The Melbourne Centre. His intuitive insight and relentless creativity never fails to connect to the learners with whom he is working, and has helped lead to over 50 Arts Awards for young people.

As 2017’s ‘Art Camp Ambassador’ for specific project ‘New Stories’, Herve leads teams of young people into schools and youth clubs as ambassadors for innovative art skills.  It was innovation and enterprise in art, areas that were funded by The Two Ridings Community Foundation’s ‘Art for Change’ programme, that raised New Stories above the norm.  Says Greg McGee, “We hope to feed our findings into the forthcoming Northern Cultural Education Symposium. It’s a simple message. Sharing ownership of our communities with young people via storytelling and digital innovation isn’t just about soundbites, it can actually make a difference.”

Charity trustee Alaa Jasim agrees, “Despite a tough time that would have floored most other people, Herve’s work ethic and creativity remain generous and inspirational for the hundreds of young people with whom he has worked. His art is excellent, increasingly utilising benefits provided by 3D printing (the 3Doodlers) and gaming. He has implemented innovation into his creativity since he attended City of York Council’s ‘Upload Live’, a workshop that explored new ways of digitally transforming existing ideas. People ask ‘what does digital transformation mean?’ – Herve’s ideas on how to transform traditional illustrations, drawn with felt pens, into animations that can be projected into the night and then how to gameify that into an immersive experience clarify matters excitingly.”

#YorkCA17 #newvisuality


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