A Sit Down with a Stand Up Comedian

New Voice Project director Lorenzo Conti sat down with Stand Up Comedian Rory Motion ahead of his one man show at the Great Yorkshire Fringe.

Are you under pressure when you perform?

It’s necessary to be under pressure. You have to have nerves. But I’ve been performing for thirty years, I’m used to it. 

Are you a comedian who is poetic or a poet who is comedic?

I’m a comedian who is poetic. It’s definitely more comedy than poetry

 Would you like to be more famous?

Not in the present climate, because it’s a very poisoned world at the moment.

Which kind of audience do you prefer to have?

I prefer older people.


Because a lot of my references refer to things that happened 30 or 20 years ago, but I’ve also found people in their early twenties, and they like what I do. It’s more to do with being educated or being open-minded, rather than the age.

Which topics do you like exploring in your comedies?

At the moment, I’m quite interested in talking against scientific materialism. A lot of my fellow comedians do performances with scientists and atheists. So, for 5 minutes a scientist gets up and goes “the universe is blind, pitiless, indifferent” and take the piss out of anyone who believes in spirit or the soul. And I find this annoying.


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