New Voice Project’s Lorenzo Conti sits in with director Kelvin Goodspeed.

Is theatre indispensable to life?

Life has certainly grown without theatre, but I think it’s a fantastic way for people to communicate and make something together.

 What is the main feature that you want to see in an actor?

What I’m mostly looking for is someone who has a good degree of intuition, imagination and creativity.

 Do you think that actors should feel under pressure during the performance?

I think that they should be able to be in the moment: they need to be able to be given everything to what they’re doing. It’s a strange state where you need to be very relaxed, but also in that moment. You shouldn’t just being remembering or repeating what you’re doing, but to be living that moment on stage and working very hard. I put some pressure on them only if they need it.

Is there a play you’ve worked on you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud of the work I’ve been doing over the last 10 years. I worked with a teenager group, who all have additional needs or disabilities, so they all have a different approach to theatre. They are an excellent group of performers, I really love working with them. 

Where are you during the performances?

If I’m unlucky, I’m sat near the front door with the scripts in my hands

Do you give them signs?

I try to have almost no involvement with their performance if I can. The more I withdraw myself, the better it is. My idea as a director is to be somewhere very far back in the dark, where nobody can see me.


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