What is “Aesthetica” about?
It’s a magazine that is focused on art, photography, design and architecture. It is distributed nationally throughout the UK, it’s stocked in 590 stores and then it’s exported to 20 countries.
The magazine is not translated into any other language, which is why it does better in English-speaking countries like Australia and the United States. It’s a pubblication that really comments on visual culture.

What makes it unique?
We spend a lot of time curating the images together. The combination of art, architecture, design and photography being the focus means that is a really visual publication, everything is really selected and minimal and that’s a sort of feel and look to it which is quite different to any other publications of this type.

How is it going? Are you improving your competitive edge?

Really well. We’ve been doing it for 14 years, and you wouldn’t be able to survive in this industry if you weren’t improving all the time. It’s a hard market to work in.

Why do you think it’s hard? 
Because it’s not as mainstream as a publication such as Vogue. This is to the left of that, this is about visual culture, so the market is smaller.

How do you use social networks?
They are destinations for our publications. If you are unfamiliar with the magazine but you happen to come across us on a social network, that gives you a good insight into what you would receive with the printed magazine.

How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I have some other things I’d like to publish, like photography books.

Would it be your first book?
No, we publish two books a year. One is about contemporary artists, and the other one is about new writing.


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